Date: 5/8/18 2:57 pm
From: Tom Wood <tcwood729...>
Subject: [wisb] Northern Mockingbird at Bender Park- yes (eventually)/ Milwaukee County
When I arrived about 1:20 PM, Derek said he hadn't seen the Mockingbird for
over an hour but he thought it might have moved to the west. I birded up to
Fitzsimons Road with the biggest surprise being all the Eastern Kingbirds
that had arrived. I didn't see any yesterday, but there were 6 today in the
open field, perched on small trees or bushes.
When I neared the Oakwood Rood extension on my return, I finally spotted the
Northern Mockingbird, and as Derek reported, it flew from tree to tree. This
location was near the picnic table that is in a clearing that can be
accessed by taking the first trail north past the Bender Park sign and
continuing on the dirt path instead of taking the grassy path when it forks.
I thought I would sit at the table and watch the bird, but as quickly as it
appeared, it suddenly vanished. I think it feeds in the trees for a while,
then hides in the brush for extended periods.
I also failed to find the Chat or White-eyed Vireo and I did not relocate
the Bell's Vireo. Thanks to Derek for his help.
Thomas Wood, Menomonee Falls, Waukesha County

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