Date: 5/8/18 1:31 pm
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Subject: IBET Putnam Co. Spring Bird Count
We ran the Putnam Co. Spring Bird Count on Sunday. Laurel Ros joined
me for a day of Hennepin plus the bluffs east of the river. We found 130
species, with 108 at Hennepin.
Owling was below average with just a bunch of Barred and a
Whip-poor-will at the Putnam County Conservation Area on McNabb Road. The
usually good spot on 820N (the ex-Prairie Warbler spot) was unproductive
with no Woodcock nor Whip-poor-will. A paradoxical combination of the
brushy areas growing up and becoming too thick, while other areas are being
cleared, has made thi a much less productive pot both night and day.
A loop through Clear Creek and Taylor Rd. produced 87 species. Nothing
particularly unexpected, but 23 Wild Turkeys, mostly seen, was nice. There
were also 3 female Purple Finches in a sycamore. The main event at
Hennepin was very productive with 108 species between the main Dixon
Waterfowl Refuge and the new wooded Sand Hollow Property on the SE side.
The best birds at Sand Hollow (formerly called Hickory Hollow) were a
singing Kentucky Warbler and a singing Lark Sparrow.
At the refuge, the best find was a flock of 120 White-fronted Geese
in the NW corner of the lake. They were visible from the Oak Ridge Trail
that takes off from the levee at the north end of the property. In the
grasslands, at least 18 Bobolinks (all males) were in evidence. All told
we had 14 species of ducks with the most interesting being American Black
Duck, Canvasback and Bufflehead. The most abundant duck by far was
Northern Shoveler. We had 8 species of shorebirds, which surprised me
given the high water levels with Wilson's Snipe and Semipalmed Plover the
most interesting. Also had a Least Bittern, a Northern Harrier, 19 Soras,
2 Yellow-headed Blackbirds and a Yellow-throated Warbler.

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