Date: 5/8/18 12:23 pm
From: Alan & Joan Linquist <linquists...>
Subject: [wisb] Fw: Northern Kettle Moraine

On Tuesday, May 8, 2018 2:19 PM, Alan & Joan Linquist <linquists...> wrote:

I had a frustrating, shortened birding experience in the Northern Kettle Moraine yesterday.  Everywhere were red winged blackbirds and swallows.  I think they outnumbered the starlings, which only seem to be in certain areas.  The catbirds are moving through and I spotted a brown thrasher.  Still very few sparrows and they can only be heard once in a while. there were yellow rumps along the MIlwaukee River, north of West Bend and the acrobatic birds over head may have been chimney swifts, as they had dark breasts.  Spotted a house wren, a few more yellow rumps, a palm warbler and a yellow warbler near Smith Lake.  Eastern kingbirds were in the area also.  There were areas were there were nothing and others that were fairly busy with birds.  Highway GGG, which leads to Mauthe Lake is being worked on and the trail around the lake is heavily flooded.  That made birding there rather difficult.  Never got to Dundee Mill or Auburn Lake either.  Still, I did see a few Swainson's
thrushes, a few field sparrows and two red tailed hawks sitting on an old brick silo.Alan Linquist(Washington County)

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