Date: 5/8/18 8:39 am
From: Peter Grund <000000db0d5d122c-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Burcham Park, Lawrence
Burcham Park (Lawrence, Douglas County) continues to be very active this year. A new wave of birds seems to have come in, and there are significantly fewer Yellow-rumped warblers and Yellow warblers. I only had time to do the north side, and Bob Antonio, who also did the river trail, probably has more to report.

Some highlights:
Black-and-white (2)Prothonotary (1)
Tennessee (7)
Orange-crowned (1)
Nashville (3)
American redstart (2)
N. parula (1)
Blackburnian (1)
Yellow (14)
Chestnut-sided (1)
Blackpoll (5; continues to be surprisingly common)
Palm (2; good visuals of both)
Yellow-rumped (2)
Black-throated green (3; the big surprise of the day; saw one well, heard another two singing)
Wilson's (1)

Other notables:
Pewee (2) (FOS)
Scarlet tanager (1)
Summer tanager (1)
Blue-headed vireo (1)

Peter Grund


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