Date: 5/7/18 7:31 pm
From: Jeremy Meyer <jmeyer4044...>
Subject: [wisb] MKE - Whitnall Park - Prothonotary/Cerulean Warblers - images
Good evening,
This morning, 5/7/18, I chose to photograph warblers along the creek, at
Whitnall Park. It started off very slow, and didn't really start to get
active until about 9am. A few hours later, I was told there was a
Prothonotary Warbler at "warbler" bridge. I walked half way around the lake
and when I got there, I found it immediately. About 30 minutes later, I had
a quick look at a warbler, which I was certain was a female Cerulean
Warbler, but it was so fast, and lighting was terrible, it cast some doubt.
About 20 minutes later Tom Wood came walking up. I was telling him what I
saw so far, and moments later she popped out, right into the same tree,
next to the bridge. Sure enough, it was a Cerulean Warbler! Throughout the
rest of the afternoon, both the Prothonotary and Cerulean provided good,
extended looks. Even after the slow start, I ended up with 16 warbler
species and 79 total for the day. Images of the two warblers can be seen at
the link below.

Jeremy Meyer
Franklin, Milwaukee

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