Date: 5/7/18 7:24 pm
From: Steve Johnson via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] migrants in Fairfax incl. Yellow-throated Vireo

We've been seeing many of the same nice migrants here NW of Fairfax, as everyone else has been reporting on VA-Bird. It sure is fun. Today's winner was a Yellow-throated Vireo, foraging noticeably more slowly than all the warblers. Also a Blackburnian and two Cape Mays. A Scarlet Tanager appears to have hung around the house for 2 days at least.

After a long winter dearth of Yellow-Rumps, during migration we've all been seeing huge numbers. I guess this year they mostly stayed further south during mid-winter.

We were concerned about a group of House Sparrows which we've never had before at the house, growing from one during January to as many as 4 a couple of weeks ago. They were hanging around our Bluebird nest box. But they seem to have left - no sign of them for at least a week. The only change I'm aware of here to explain it, was the arrival of the House Wrens. Right about when the Sparrows all disappeared, is when the House Wrens showed up, started their annual spring din of incessant calling, and built their nest in the nest box.

Steve Johnson and Lynn Rafferty

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