Date: 5/7/18 4:23 pm
From: Miriam Simmons <simmonsmiriamj...>
Subject: [NHBirds] pair red bellied woodpeckers, Manchester NH
A surprise sighting while out walking with my Mom; we saw a flash of red
landing high on the side of a tree trunk, it was a mature male red bellied
woodpecker with black and white striping on his back and a bright red cap
over the top and down the back of his head. And then a second head popped
up from the other side, it was the female with a smaller red patch just on
the back of her head. As we watched they flew to a horizontal branch in a
nearby oak tree, then the female flew further into the trees. The male
returned to the first tree and I went to the car to get my binoculars.
Returning in a few minutes the male was not in sight, so I approached the
tree and found fine wood chips on the ground. I scanned the tree with
binoculars, vertically to find where bark may have been disrupted, not
seeing any torn bark, I was surprised when my binoculars scoped the head of
the male peeking out of a hole in the trunk 70 feet above the ground. He
then withdrew and stayed hidden. I will monitor this nesting hole from a
distance to see if the activity is regular for the pair, and have my camera
ready next time.

Miriam Simmons

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