Date: 5/7/18 4:04 pm
From: Jeff Hansen <>
Subject: Topeka yard birds
Today I had common yellow throat and a black poll which are new for the
year. Still tons of yellow and yellow rumped. Also Nashville and Tennessee.
Red start left. This is the year of the rose breasted grosbeaks. Had a male
and two females. Been seeing at least one daily for 5 days. Usually see
none. Lincoln's, Harris's, and white crowned.. And chipping are my
sparrows. Mallards at the tiny pond daily. Pond is popular with warblers.
We need rain... Hating the summer temps.

Robin's, Orioles, bluejays, house wrens, bluebirds, flickers are nesting or
making nests.

Can't believe I'm tired of yellow rumps... Soon I will miss them.

Cooper's hawk nesting down the street.

Jeff Hansen

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