Date: 5/7/18 3:01 pm
From: <eileenworman...>
Subject: [wisb] Sandhill Crane Colts Richfield, Washington County
The neighbors we share a driveway and bridge over Little Cedar Creek
with alerted me to the Sandhill Cranes that nest behind their property
and the fact that they've now been spending time in their front yard
with their new colts. They first told me about them on Sunday, but I
forgot to ask if that was the first day they saw them.
At any rate, the youngsters appear to be only days old and today they
spent some time in our cornfield out back. Unfortunately the photo I
have is not that great due to the heat distortion, but you can see the
little ones with their parents here:
The cranes that we call 'our' cranes have been hanging around the
creek and yesterday I saw them doing their dance...and am hoping they
get down to business soon. Just not sure if they'll nest where they
nested last year.
We continue to have an American Bittern and a Virginia Rail in our
backyard along with other typical marsh our Ruby-throated
Hummingbirds and Baltimore Orioles have returned and are drinking
sugar-water and eating plenty of grape jelly.
Yesterday morning I managed to get within forty feet (I'm guessing) of
the American Bittern and got this zoomed view of it from our bridge:
We are also enjoying Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and Rose-breasted
I am counting right around 48-50 bird species each day at our place
Last night while out on the deck at dinner time, an adult Bald Eagle
cruised low over the creek and gave us a thrill. I was just glad the
cranes with their young ones had retired for the evening...but it sure
riled up the ducks in the water.
Eileen Worman
Richfield, Washington County

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