Date: 5/7/18 2:36 pm
From: Alan Ryff <alryff...>
Subject: [birders] That Banded Piping Plover, Lake Saint Clair Metropark, April 2018
The following isinformation about that banded Piping Plover at Lake Saint Clair Metropark 22-30 April 2018. Itforaged for the most part along the broken interface of lawn grass and opensandy beach, probably detecting  thesubterranean earthworms by feeling them through its feet and/or hearing them.  With its bill it then either dug or pulledthe worms out of the sand.  After eatingseveral worms, the plover returned to the shoreline.  See photos:

On 4 May VinceCavalieri, a  Certified Wildlife Biologist, at the East Lansing Field Office of the U.S. Fish and WildlifeService, responded to my question about the origin of the banded Piping Ploverat Lake Saint Clair Metropark during 22-30 April 2018:  ".. . Iassume you are talking about a male plover that actually bred in Green Bay lastyear.  That in itself is kind of a remarkable story.  The USACE andBrown County, Wisconsin developed a project to recreate a series of islandsthat once existed in Green Bay prior to the 1970s.  They used dredge fromthe Fox River and made a series of cells within dikes.  Kind of byaccident one of the cells kind of turned into good piping plover habitat and itfirst attracted 1 pair in 2016 and then somewhat remarkably 4 pairs in2017.  The male you saw was part of the 4th pair that developed a nest outon Cat Island last year.  I assume it was just stopping by Lake St. ClairMetropark on its way back to Cat Island, but we shall see!  The whole CatIsland project has been a tremendous success for shorebirds as there have beenI think over 30 species spotted using it as a stopover location including someother rare species like Red Knot and Hudsonian Godwit."
On 5 May Alice Van Zoeren, who manages e-mail for the GreatLakes Piping Plover Conservation Team,  <plover...> to Vince's information:  "We don't know when or wherethis fellow hatched since he wasn't banded as a chick. As Vince noted hereturned to breed last summer (2017) at Cat Island in Green Bay,WI."  It's worth while checking out theGreat Lakes Piping Plover Conservation Team, especially their captive-breedingprogram in conjunction with the Detroit Zoo staff at the Michigan BiologicalStation near Pellston, Michigan. Ryff

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