Date: 5/7/18 1:57 pm
From: Mary Alice H <mholz0226...>
Subject: [birders] Nest parasitization or ?.
Hi, all,
I have a question for all the experts on this list. Two or three weeks ago,
I observed a robin busily constructing a nest in the arbor vitae by our
front door. A few days later I found a robins egg, undamaged, on the front
porch. A couple days later, no parent on the nest, I peeked in and
discovered one robin egg in the nest along with 5 darker speckled eggs
which I assumed (wrongly, it seems) to be cowbird eggs. Cowbird are around
and I thought I glimpsed one coming into the tree once.

Actually, it is a grackle! I'm over run with them this year. Do grackles
take over robin nests? If not, what happened? If the robin egg hatches,
what then?

Any enlightenment will be greatly appreciated.

Mary Alice

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