Date: 5/7/18 1:47 pm
From: Jennifer Ambrose <jenthreat...>
Subject: [wisb] Milwaukee County today; Catbird Territorial Display
I birded Sheridan Drive, picking up FOY Northern Parula (and great looks!)
and Red-headed Woodpecker (flyover). Lots of sparrows were behind the high
school--pretty much every regular migrant. I still can't eek out a Vesper
or Grasshopper or Leconte's though...

I saw 57 species at Warnimont Park with no first of years. There were a
handful of non-Yellow rumped or Palm Warblers, with the most being
Nashville. I got to hear a male Brown Thrasher sing and watch his presumed
mate forage around the bike bath and then cross it, displaying its
roadrunner cousin's awkward beauty. At the end of my walk, I observed three
Gray Catbirds, presumably two males and a female. Two of the birds seemed
to be engaged in a territorial display, so that was neat to watch and
photograph, even though the light and branches made getting clear shots of
both of them difficult. Two male robins were going at it, too, but I didn't
get any photos.


Jennifer Ambrose
Bayview, Milwaukee County

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