Date: 5/7/18 12:46 pm
From: Joshua Holland <jhollandua...>
Subject: Big Day - Cabell & Surrounding Counties - 5/6/18
I braved the elements yesterday to do my Big Day in Cabell and surrounding
counties. From 6am until afternoon, precipitation varied from light to
moderate/high, which presented an extra challenge all morning. Birding
conditions improved in the afternoon and it turned out to be an excellent
day, besting last year's total by three with 117 species observed. I missed
a bunch of "gimmes", but here's a full list of every bird and where they
were first seen.

Ritter Park (Huntington, WV) - 6am - 60* - Moderate Precipitation
-Blue-gray gnatcatcher
-American robin
-Chipping sparrow
-Song sparrow
-House sparrow

-American crow
-Rock pigeon
-European starling

Milton Ponds (Milton, WV) 6:50-7:15am
-Blackpoll warbler
-Barn swallow
-Tree swallow
-Canada goose
-Blue jay
-Prothonotary warbler
-Yellow warbler
-Common yellowthroat
-Red-breasted merganser
-Northern cardinal
-American coot
-Ring-billed gull
-Red-winged blackbird
-Eastern kingbird
-Spotted sandpiper
-Yellow-rumped warbler
-Gray catbird
-Green heron
-Tufted titmouse
-Lesser yellowlegs
-Mourning dove
-Blue-headed vireo

Pumpkin Park (Milton, WV) 7:15-7:30am
-Common grackle
-Northern rough-winged swallow
-House finch

Traveling 7:30-7:50
-Eastern bluebird
-Wild turkey
-Northern mockingbird

Mt. Zion Church (Fraziers Bottom, WV) 7:50-8:20am - 60* - Light Precip
-Brown thrasher
-Blue-winged warbler
-White-breasted nuthatch
-Field sparrow
-Red-headed woodpecker
-Tennessee warbler
-Northern parula
-Prairie warbler
-Eastern towhee
-White-eyed vireo
-Northern flicker
-Yellow-breasted chat
-American goldfinch
-Downy woodpecker

Traveling 8:20-8:30am
-Eastern meadowlark

Mason County Ridges (Ashton, WV) 8:30-11am - Moderate Precip
-Indigo bunting
-Barred owl
-Kentucky warbler
-Wood thrush
-American redstart
-Louisiana waterthrush
-Black-and-White warbler
-Ruby-throated hummingbird
-Bay-breasted warbler
-Yellow-throated warbler
-Eastern phoebe
-Purple martin
-Brown-headed cowbird
-Cape May warbler
-Blackburnian warbler
-Carolina wren
-Swainson's thrush
-Scarlet tanager
-Pileated woodpecker
-Red-eyed vireo
-Magnolia warbler

Ashton RR Xing Ponds (Ashton, WV) 11:15-11:20am
-Cliff swallow
-Bank swallow
-Great blue heron
-American kestrel
-Belted kingfisher
-Swamp sparrow

Greenbottom Boardwalk (Greenbottom, WV) 11:40-11:50am

Hoeft Marsh (Greenbottom, WV) 12-12:55pm - 63* - Light Precip
-Chimney swift
-Purple gallinule
-Wood duck
-Willow flycatcher
-Virginia rail
-Orchard oriole
-turkey vulture

Robert C. Byrd Locks (Apple Grove, WV) 1:15-2:30pm - 66* - Partly Sunny
-Greater yellowlegs
-Yellow-billed cuckoo
-Solitary sandpiper
-Peregrine falcon
-Double-crested cormorant
-Least sandpiper
-American bittern

Gallipolis Ferry Sandpit (Gallipolis Ferry, WV) 3-3:30pm
-House wren
-Red-bellied woodpecker

McClintic WMA (Point Pleasant, WV) 4-6pm 70* - Sunny
-Baltimore oriole
-Chestnut-sided warbler
-Mute swan
-Red-shouldered hawk
-Carolina chickadee
-Cerulean warbler
-Yellow-throated vireo
-Hooded warbler
-White-throated sparrow
-Black-throated green warbler
-Black-throated blue warbler

Crown City WMA (Crown City, OH) 6:45-7:30pm 64* - Sunny
-Northern bobwhite
-Henslow's sparrow
-Savannah sparrow
-Grasshopper sparrow

Guyandotte, WV - 8pm
-Bald eagle

Downtown Huntington, WV - 8:30pm 60* (Sunset)
-Common nighthawk

Total Species - 117

Highlights: Barred owl fly-by, getting the crap scared out of me by a
flushed American bittern, Chestnut-sided warbler, large numbers of Cape May
warbler at McClintic WMA, YB Chat and Blackpoll/Blackburnian warblers at
multiple locations. While waiting on common nighthawk to show, watching
downtown Huntington's chimney swift feeding frenzy/tornado. It was like
bird fireworks for an awesome, but challenging day.


Josh Holland
Huntington, WV
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