Date: 5/7/18 12:16 pm
From: LELAND SEARLES <searleslr...>
Subject: Re: [ia-bird] Digest for - 17 updates in 15 topics
This morning there was a White-Faced Ibis on the north edge of Marshalltown. It and a large flock of sandpipers were in a flooded pasture on the east side of Highway 14 (N 3rd Ave), about 1/2 mile north of the Iowa River.

I had set out, intending to go to Colo Bogs for the ibis reported there, but ended up closer to home.

At Timmons Grove, between Albion and Marietta on Highway 330, I saw the following migrants and new arrivals:

Great Crested Flycatcher
Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
Yellow-Rumped Warbler
Gray Catbird
Indigo Bunting

In addition, the woodland phlox, buttercups, common blue violets, yellow violets, wild ginger, false meadow rue, Sprengel's sedge, and wild chervil are in bloom.

Yesterday near the junction of Hickory Creek and the Yellow River (Allamakee County), there was a Gray-Cheeked Thrush, as well as Gray Catbirds, Yellow Warblers, American Redstarts, a likely Green Heron, and others.

The ibis is a lifer for me, after several years of not having the chance to drive to sighting areas. Now for the Glossy....

Lee Searles
American Redstart

Leland Searles, Consultant & Photographer
Leeward Solutions, LLC
Regulatory: stream assessment, wetlands delineation, endangered species assessment
Private contractual: plant inventories, planning & restoration (prairies, streams, wetlands)
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* Nahant Marsh, Scott Cty - 1 Update
* Story County - Colo Bogs - 3 Updates
* Lee/Van Buren Weekend - 1 Update
* Black throated green - 1 Update
* Crossbills in Farmington - 1 Update
* Black-necked Stilt, Ibis at Otter Creek Marsh in Tama Co. - 1 Update
* FOY Bobolink- Washington County - 1 Update
* Red Crossbills at Farmington unit Shimik - 1 Update
* Warren Co. Snowy Egret continues - 1 Update
* DeSoto NWR Spring Count tally - 1 Update
* Global Big Day? - 1 Update
* Hardin Co. Legacy Wildlife Area - yellow rail - 1 Update
* Fayette Co. Avocets - 1 Update
* Butler and Hardin co - 1 Update
* Global big day - 1 Update

Nahant Marsh, Scott Cty <>
<onespayiowa...>: May 06 05:10PM -0700

I appreciated the person who posted EVERYTHING they saw while out birding
the other day. The common things never get much attention, so I thought
I'd join in.

I had a GREAT day at Nahant today. Got three new birds for my list and it
was just so busy out there:

NW side:

Common yellow throat
R.W. blackbird
Yellow warbler
Red tailed hawk
Song Sparrow
Blue Jay
Warbling vireo
Yellow rumped warbler
Baltimore oriole
Blue and gray gnatcatcher
White crowned sparrow
Ruby crowned kinglet
Swainson's thrush
Turkey vulture
Eurasian tree sparrow
Tree swallow
Northern water thrush
Sandhill crane
Rough winged swallow
Sora rail (actually saw them, one about 10 feet and the other 50 feet away)

SE side:

Canada goose
Caspian tern
Pied-billed grebe
Field sparrow
House sparrow
Rock pigeon
Peep (?)
Mourning dove
Wood duck
Blue heron
Wilson's warbler

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Story County - Colo Bogs <>
Eric Ollie <uphawkeye...>: May 06 04:48PM

FOY Bobolink, singing male

3 White-faced Ibis, close to old HWY 30 in flooded sheep pasture.

Many other shorebirds that I have yet to check out.

Eric Ollie

"Hank Zaletel" <madowl...>: May 06 01:21PM -0500

The bird was seen by the ball diamonds on the west side of the park at 12:30.

Hank Zaletel

"Hank Zaletel" <madowl...>: May 06 05:39PM -0500

Ibis still present at 3:30 in same location.

From: Eric Ollie
Sent: Sunday, May 06, 2018 11:48 AM
To: Iowabirds ; Eric Ollie
Subject: [ia-bird] Story County - Colo Bogs

FOY Bobolink, singing male

3 White-faced Ibis, close to old HWY 30 in flooded sheep pasture.

Many other shorebirds that I have yet to check out.

Eric Ollie

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Lee/Van Buren Weekend <>
Stuart Sparkman <jacamar29...>: May 06 03:40PM -0500

Hey I-Birders,

Karen, Harney, and I just returned from a wonderful birding
weekend in SE Iowa. On our way down we stopped at Eddyville Sand
Dunes Prairie, which we had never visited. Some great habitat there
we had never seen in Iowa, and nice birding as well, including BELL'S
Finding the campground at Lacey-Keosauqua State Park closed (during
the best camping month of the year ?!?) we pivoted towards Shimek SF
(Lee Co) and camped at White Oak in Donnellson unit for two nights.
Each night we heard 3 - 5 EASTERN WHIP-POOR-WILLS, and multiple BARRED
OWLS as well as noisy coyotes calling in chorus. Our constant
companions in the campsite were a BLUE-WINGED WARBLER (commonly seen
wherever we went down there, it seemed), a BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER pair
making their gnatcher noises, and OVENBIRDS, with SUMMER TANAGER
dropping through occasionally. Along Donnellson Road in the forest we

On Saturday we birded Ely Ford area of Lacey-Keosauqua State Park,
which was abundant with NORTHERN PARULA and WARBLING VIREO. We had
multiple YELLOW-THROATED WARBLERS near the road, and walked in along
the creek , finding a couple GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLERS, a few
CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLERS, a loudly singing very conspicuous KENTUCKY
WARBLER, and our FOY EASTERN WOOD-PEWEE. A late morning hike around
Lake Lacey was less birdy, but still yielded two more Kentucky
Warblers and more Chestnut-sideds. ACADIAN FLYCATCHER was heard, WOOD
THRUSH was heard often and seen briefly, and a stunning PILEATED
WOODPECKER made an appearance. An afternoon stop by Lake Sugema found

This morning's walk around the Croton Unit of Shimek State Forest
yielded about five each of YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT and WHITE-EYED VIREO,
both of which were conspicuous and giving great views. We were
lacking two vireo species for our Iowa vireo slam for this trip, when
a WHITE-EYED sounded off, then appeared, then flew into a tree very
close to us. Karen said "There's two!" but when we inspected the
second one, it turned out to be a PHILADELPHIA VIREO. That was a nice
moment of serendipity, as the slam was completed. A SCARLET TANAGER
made a nice appearance as well, and eight BLUE-WINGED WARBLERS
eventually stopped gaining our attention. INDIGO BUNTINGS buzzed like
an invading army. No Worm-eating Warbler was detected this morning,
and the wrecked cars to the east were silent of wrens, though just to
the east of the junk a GREEN HERON flew up off of a farm pond for an
unexpected viewing. Back at Croton, walking the road along the creek
gained us a LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH at the creek crossing, a BARRED OWL
flushing from under the bridge, another YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER, a
curious OVENBIRD who was strutting along the gravel road for over two
minutes, maybe picking up grit (?), and a FOY MAGNOLIA WARBLER, a nice
capper for the trip. As a bonus, when we arrived home Karen
discovered that our local EASTERN PHOEBES (which had been acting
suspiciously) had built a nest above our seldom used porch door behind
our garage and the female was sitting on it. We'll be watching their
progress with interest.

Enjoyed meeting Chuck Fuller and Candace Havely along the birding
trail, as well as some nice new-to-us birders from Fairfield and
elsewhere. Hope to see many of you at IOU.

Good Birding,

Stuart Sparkman
NW Des Moines

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Black throated green <>
Todd Burkhardt <todd.burkhardt.tb...>: May 06 07:33PM

Among several warbler species today we saw FOY black throated green down
the path and up the hill from the parking lot at Shimek-Croton unit.

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Crossbills in Farmington <>
Ron Stakland <rons...>: May 06 02:25PM -0500

Sent from my iPhone

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Black-necked Stilt, Ibis at Otter Creek Marsh in Tama Co. <>
Jim Forde <jimforde...>: May 06 02:44PM -0400

This morning I checked the northwest pools at the marsh which are located below the observation deck (addressed 2640 E66). From the
deck I scoped a WHITE-FACED IBIS in the refuge pool to the east of the dividing dike and not far from the beginning of the dike.

Just on the opposite side of the dike in the west pool was a female BLACK-NECKED STILT which was very close to the dike.

Shorebirds in the west pool weren't as numerous as my last visit but there was variety with 2 FOYS, 3 Stilt Sandpipers and several
White-rumped Sandpipers.

Jim Forde
Cedar Rapids

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FOY Bobolink- Washington County <>
Fawn Bowden <fawnda10...>: May 06 10:15AM -0700

A male Bobolink was foraging in our yard this morning, as well as a
Clay-colored Sparrow and several Pine Siskins at the feeders.

Fawn Bowden
Riverside, IA


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Red Crossbills at Farmington unit Shimik <>
Candace H <candace69001...>: May 06 05:04PM

There are three Red Crossbills in the pine trees at the spot the Pine
Warblers are found in Shimik SF. Got good looks at them. Watched them
forage for about 20 minutes.

Candace Havely
Black Hawk County

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Warren Co. Snowy Egret continues <>
"Dennis Thompson" <cndthomps...>: May 06 12:01PM -0500

The SNOWY EGRET was still present at Bank Swallow Bend this morning.

Denny Thompson


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DeSoto NWR Spring Count tally <>
"Jerry Toll" <geritol48...>: May 06 10:00AM -0500

The DeSoto NWR Spring Count occurred Saturday, May 5 in Harrison County,
Iowa and Washington County, Nebraska. 11 birders counted on DeSoto National
Wildlife Refuge.

The final tally was 116 species which is slightly higher than an average
Spring count for the first Saturday in May. Information gathered is used to
periodically update the design management of the refuge.

A summary will follow when it becomes available.

Jerry Toll

<geritol48...> <mailto:<geritol48...>

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Global Big Day? <>
Eric Ollie <uphawkeye...>: May 06 05:12AM


I had no idea that today was the Global Big Day, but since spring migration
is really beginning to heat up and I happen to be in the midst of my Story
County Big Year (SCBY) I was out birding all day today anyway. I eBird most
of what I find as well, so I guess that I unwittingly participated.

I found 95 species today, all in Story County (obviously). I had 10 Story
County FOYs today, bringing my SCBY total to 179 species. My original goal
was 200 species, but with almost 8 months to get only 21 species, it seems
as if some reevaluation is in order.

Today I found 10 warblers, 10 shorebirds, 8 sparrows, 7 waterfowl, 6
woodpeckers, 5 icterids, and 4 thrushes.

New additions to my SCBY list today were American Redstart, Louisiana
Waterthrush, Eastern Kingbird, Stilt Sandpiper, Sandhill Crane, Snowy
Egret, Black-and-White Warbler, Lark Sparrow, Cliff Swallow, and I heard my
first ever Tufted Titmouse in Story County this morning.

Some glaring misses today were Rock Pigeon, Great Blue Heron, Least
Sandpiper, Baltimore Oriole, Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Western
Meadowlark, Least Flycatcher, White-crowned Sparrow and Carolina Wren. If I
had known that I was participating in a big day, I think 100 would have
been very attainable!

Get out and savor spring migration! It will pass before we know it!

Eric Ollie

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Hardin Co. Legacy Wildlife Area - yellow rail <>
Tom Schilke <tom.schilke...>: May 05 10:35PM -0500

Earlier this morning I did a 2.25 mile hike around Legacy Wildlife Area starting from the east and later in the day a short walk around 6:00 p.m. with good light behind me from the west. Really good birds. 48 species here alone. Shorebirds are primarily along the shore. Some highlights:

Eared Grebe
Upland Sandpiper - 2 - I think they will nest here
LeConte’s Sparrow
Grasshopper Sparrow - 7
Dickcissel - 3
Dowitchers - 19 - some long-billed by sound
W. Phalarope - 8
Am. Pipit - 2

Yellow Rail - jumped in the wet grass just a few feet away
Willet - 3 - walked up on one and it bawled like a baby
Eared Grebe
Am. Golden Plovers - 5
Meadowlark Nest - no eggs yet

Lunch at Calkins Nature Center
Carolina Wren - by the deer pen
Lincoln’s Sparrow - singing
YR warblers - a swarm along the creek

Pintail Wetlands - evening from the tower
Am. Bittern
W. Phalarope - 4

Tom Schilke - Waterloo

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Fayette Co. Avocets <>
Paul Skrade <skradepa...>: May 05 09:16PM -0500


This afternoon I drove back roads on my way home from Upper Iowa
University's Commencement ceremony and was happy to come across a flock of
ten American Avocets in a field flooded with overflow from the Turkey
River. Lots of Lesser Yellowlegs, fewer Greater Yellowlegs, and a couple of
Spotted & Solitary Sandpipers rounded out the flock.

Paul Skrade
Decorah, Winneshiek Co.

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Butler and Hardin co <>
Tommy Stone <tomtazzstone...>: May 05 06:30PM -0700

This afternoon, I made a quick stop at Big Marsh and there was a WESTERN GREBE that I viewed from the parking lot off of U.S. h.w. 14 at the east end of the marsh. There were also 2 MARBLED GODWITS and a HUDSONIAN GODWIT that I scoped. At Legacy Wetland, there was an EARED GREBE. There wasn't alot of shorebirds but notables were, 5 GOLDEN PLOVERS and 2 WILSON'S PHALAROPES there were also several foy. BLACK TERNS.

Good birding,
Tommy Stone

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Global big day <>
<d5169...>: May 05 07:47PM -0500

Tally from Winnebago County
85 species
Finished the day with 7 Sora Rails viewed from the car window and two American Bitterns!
Trumpeter swans were ignored while we watched dowitchers and phalaropes sora and The Bitterns........
Great Day!!
Dick and Kit Sayles
Buffalo Iowa

Sent from my iPhone

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