Date: 5/7/18 9:04 am
From: Sally K. Scheer <winerat...>
Subject: [birders] head to head over the jelly and other yard birds
Used an old two layer metal soap dish (well washed, of course) tied to the
railing of our deck to serve up this year's grape jelly for all comers. The
top layer of the dish is brought in each night to discourage coon
depredation. This setup is working better than old dishes or commercial
nectar feeders.

Interesting visitors to this jelly dish this morning were a red bellied
woodpecker and the usual oriole. Unusual? Yes, because I had never before
seen these two birds face to face across a three-inch dish. The red bellied
made one half-hearted jab at the oriole and then they both went back to the
pile of grape jelly.

Other morning pleasures were two white crowned sparrows on the deck floor
pecking at black sunflower seeds and two rose breasted grosbeaks on the
feeders and the railing for the same seeds.

Oh, and a chipmunk scavenged his share too.

Sally Scheer
Bridgewater Township

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