Date: 5/7/18 9:01 am
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Subject: IBET Weekend Rollins Savannah- Palm Warblers have arrived along with others on that Southern Breeze
Vanessa & I stopped by Rollins Savannah over the weekend and were pleased to see an uptick in activity. Most notably, Palm Warblers were about 3 feet off the bike bath just South of the fork in the road walking out of the Drury Lane parking lot. The recent rain has rapidly greened up the prairie grass and Tree Swallows are are pretty active. All of the pond/marsh areas have good water levels with clear views.

Early morning you have a lot of birdsong and the Song Sparrows have staked out spots along the trails about 50 yards apart.
Bird sightings:
* Palm Warblers -2
* Goldfinches -6
* Mallards-15 on main pond
*Sandhill Cranes- 1 walking just North of the fluddle North of Drury Lane and others calling
* Great Egrets-2
*Mute Swan-1
*Canadian Geese-15
*Ring-Necked Ducks- 6
*Pie Billed Grebe-1 in "fluddle" north of Drury Lane Lot
*DB -Cormorants-5
*Great Egret-1
*Turkey Vultures-3
*Red-Tailed Hawks-3
*American Crows-2
* Tree Swallows-6

Since we did not walk the back loop or to the front lot, I'm sure there was a lot more action and should only get "birdier" through this weekend. I plan to hit the Chicago Botanical Garden Saturday for the walk at 7:30am-should be fantastic and I bet Fort Sheridan/Skokie Lagoons, would be hopping too and will make the rounds.

Spring is late, but all the more welcome!

Tom Lewin
Grayslake, IL
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