Date: 5/7/18 8:36 am
From: Jerry Schulz <jlsbird2757...>
Subject: Red head
We have had Red headed woodpeckers coming to our backyard for 6 or 8 years, eating suet and on a couple of odd years bringing in  one or two juveniles. All that seemed to end with the nearby ( over the hill ) development of Pleasant Ridge Shopping Center. A  number of large dead trees were removed along with near half a hillside. This morning I looked out the patio door into the backyard and there, hanging from the side of our Dogwood was the prettiest Red headed Woodpecker. I yelled up to my wife who got to see it from an upstairs window. It flew away only to return a short while later. I'm hopping it will partake of our suet offering and include us in its territory. A very good bird watching morning. Jerry Schulz
Little Rock, Arkansas
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