Date: 5/7/18 6:48 am
From: Steve Long <steve.long4...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Warning about bogus website trap
I am writing this as a warning to other birders who might stumble into
this trap.

Yesterday, while using the Chrome browser on my new computer to access
the website (which has recordings of bird songs), I
wanted to use IE-11 to create a desktop shortcut, which I don't seem to
know how to do with the latest Chrome.  So I fired-up Microsoft Internet
Explorer 11 and searched for the site I was already viewing in Chrome. 
had the same site name/except/for a hyphen that is in the correct name. 
When I clicked on it, I suddenly got a screen full of confusing,
overlapping images designed to look like windows, and an audio recording
saying that I had clicked on a pornographic website that was stealing my
financial information and installing malware.  I was directed to provide
a credit card to be charged for the service of removing the malware and
warned that if I left the page without complying that they would report
me to the authorities for possession of pornography.

Of course, I just quickly pulled the cable between my modem and router,
and closed IE-11.  No harm done, apparently.  But, it does make me
wonder if there are people being convicted of possessing child
pornography who were really just victims of nasty people on the Internet
who put something on their computers without their knowledge and then
"reported" them.  Something akin to "SWATTING" somebody by faking their
phone number and calling 911 to simulate a violent crime in-progress
inside their home.

Anyway, to save others the headache, the/correct/website is (which has recordings of bird calls), and typing that
without the "-" results in what I described, above.

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