Date: 5/7/18 6:18 am
From: Cynthia Burkhart <000000990b36e23b-dmarc-request...>
Subject: YB Cuckoo and other FOY
When the all- day rain stopped and the sun came out around 4 pm yesterday, I went birding on the south and west sides of the property.
Heard my FOY Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Magnolia Warbler, and Northerrn Paruhlas. Saw 2 FOY Swainson's Thrush. In general, SAW, rather than just heard, more birds than usual, including 3 Wood Thrush, 2 Black &White warblers, Baltimore and Orchard Orioles, Magnolia warbler, Carolina Wren, Yellow-throated Vireo, and 2 Ovenbirds.
In one particular hollow, every year I hear what is either an Ovenbird or a KY warbler. Every year I finally decide it is an Ovenbird. When I heard it sing yesterday, I played the Ky warbler song once, just to hear the difference. Who should swoop in, but an Ovenbird! Guess he can't tell the difference either!
Yesterday morning the tawny (Dirty) male Hairy WP was at feeders again.

Cynthia Burkhart
Ritchie Co.

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