Date: 5/6/18 7:59 pm
From: Candace H <candace69001...>
Subject: [ia-bird] Crossbills & new yard birds Van Buren County
First, thank you Fairfield birders for corroborating my Crossbill sighting
at the Farmington Unit of Shimek! I was surprised to see those birds there
and I was hoping that you or maybe the Sparkmans, who I knew were also in
the area, might see my posting and wander over to investigate. They were
fun to watch and I was able to see field marks as they worked the pine
trees. Don't know if they'll stick around but for those who don't know the
spot, in Farmington go east on Pearl Street and once you pass Shimek SF
Headquarters, take the first right after the pavement ends to Black Oak
Lake. From parking lot, walk south on path between pine trees, (not steps
leading to the lake) birds were working the pine trees on left side of
path. I didn't see or hear Pine Warblers here today but got Ovenbird and a
Red-breasted Nuthatch here to.

New yard birds: My beloved, Mark, lives in Bentonsport, so naturally, I
count birds at his place and we had two new yard birds this weekend...Two
Yellow-throated Warblers seen Sat night and an Orchard Oriole that came to
the jelly feeder this afternoon. The Yellow-throated Warblers were still
singing in the yard today.

We also observed a Red-headed Woodpecker feeding young in the cavity in the
utility pole in the corner of our yard this afternoon. I got the scope on
it and we watched it come back to the cavity eight times... You could see
food stuff on the bill sometimes as it would pull back out of the hole,
before leaning half way in to feed another baby. Really very interesting!
Love having an active nest for these birds!

It was such fun birding SE Iowa again this weekend. Thanks to the
Burlington and Fairfield birders who let me tag along for a bit at Lacey &
Croton and thanks to the Sparkmans for the heads up re: the chats,
Blue-wings and vieros at Croton this a.m.; plus, it was fun to meet Harney.

Gotta love spring migration!

Candace Havely
Black Hawk/Van Buren Counties

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