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Subject: Re: VARIED BUNTING, Elizabeth, PA, Allegheny County
Hi folks,

Some photos of the bunting can be seen here:

Good luck to all who try for it!


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Hello All,

Bob Mulvihill called me shortly after 6:30 this evening to kindly ask if I’d like to see a VARIED BUNTING to which I skeptically replied, “Are you for real, they’re from Southwest Texas and Southeastern Arizona! Is it a reliable ID?” He replied with a quick yes, and even better, the bird was in Elizabeth, PA, only about a 10 minute drive from our neighborhood. I picked up Bob and contacted Geoff Malosh. We arrived at the home and Geoff, Shannon Thompson, Dave Wilton showed up shortly after. We waited about 15 minutes before the bird, an adult male in stunning breeding plumage, came in, foraging along the ground below a feeder behind the home.

This is an exceptionally rare vagrant, and a PA first record. All present saw the bird. The homeowners are willing to allow visitors but under the following two conditions:

1) All visitors wishing to see the bird need to set up a visit with Dave Wilton who will give further directions involving visit times and parking at a nearby church. Dave may be reached at ‭(412) 848-2372‬.

PLEASE CONTACT DAVE FIRST BEFORE SHOWING UP TO SEE THE BIRD! The homeowners are generous and willing to let everyone see the bird, but want to maintain their sanity. DO NOT SHOW UP UNANNOUNCED!


Please DO NOT DROP PERSONAL LOCATIONS in eBird! The homeowners would rather the world not know their home location. Dave will give you directions personally.

In full disclosure, the bird has now been present at the home for 48 hours, having been first spotted by the homeowners yesterday. Hopefully, everyone will respect the homeowners’ wishes and have a chance to see this amazing rarity!

All the best to those of you who chase this bird!

Good Birding (and good fortune!),
Jim Hausman
Allegheny County

PS Geoff and I will post pics soon with our lists.

Jim Hausman
Allegheny Co.
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