Date: 5/6/18 7:39 pm
From: Liz Herzmann <liz.herzmann...>
Subject: [wisb] Horicon Marsh Wrens Birding Blitz results
The Horicon Marsh Wrens had their Birding Blitz today around the Horicon
area. 9 birders joined Jeff Bahls and I for a day of birding. Started at
the education center on Hwy 28 and got osprey and cliff swallows. No
white-faced ibis for the last 2 days.
Had great looks at parula, blackburnian, black-throated green, palm,
yellow, yellow-rumped, Nashville warblers and northern waterthrush at
Ziegler Park in Mayville (Dodge County). Moved to Northern Road for
bobolink, Swainson's thrush, great-crested flycatcher, rose-breasted
grosbeak, and a brown creeper.

Dike Road was pretty slow but we added yellow-headed blackbird, least
flycatcher, black tern, common gallinule, swamp sparrow and common yellow

We found great horned owl and red-tailed hawk nests on Point Road. Added
sora and Virginia rail at Ledge Road.

The auto tour produced a trumpeter swan, warbling vireo, bufflehead,
redhead, lesser scaup and shoveler.

Ended the day on Hwy. 49 with at least 10 black-necked stilts. Struck out
on avocets and the snowy egret that had been reported earlier. Overall we
had 94 species with a noticable absence of shorebirds (high water and ran
out of time!). What a beautiful day to be out birding!

Don't forget the Horicon Marsh Bird Festival runs from May 10-14. We hope
to see you there!

Liz Herzmann
Horicon, Dodge County

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