Date: 5/6/18 6:14 pm
From: Glenn d'Entremont <gdentremont1...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] BBC South Shore Century Run-5/5/18
The Brookline Bird Club south shore century run was held on Saturday, 5/5/18.

Only one other participant and I was alone after 1:00 pm.

So a little unorthodox trip began at Wompatuck, went to World's End (WE) (OK so far), then bypassed Scituate and went to Marshfield and Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary (DWWS). After that I was alone and went to Brant Rock (BR), Sandy Bottom Pond in Pembroke, Burrage Pond WMA (B), Plymouth airport (PA), Plymouth Harbor, then back to North Scituate (NS) with the early evening light. No migration of which to speak, so 110 species is not bad.

Highlights (at Wompatuck unless noted):

Red-throated Loon 11 (NS)

Red-necked Grebe 7 (NS-two birds apparently doing a mating ritual with vocalization and posturing creating a heart shape with their bills and curved necks)

Northern Gannet (BR-1, NS-2)

Great Cormorant 2 (NS-two imm taking the highest ground on the rocks)

large groups of scoters still present at NS-Whtie-winged 10, Black Scoter 200, scoter sp 200 likely undercounted

Ruddy Duck 1 male at Pembroke

Red-shouldered Hawk 1 ad

American Kestrel 3 (PA)

American Oystercatcher 3 (1-WE, 2-NS; I think my first there, first one, then 2; flying around the large rock islands-I could still here them from that distance!)

Upland Sandpiper 3 (PA)

Least Tern (NS)

Worm-eating Warbler 2 (the one bird we saw must be the one others reported as having no head stripes; we never saw the top of the head and watched this bird for 10 minutes)

Blue-winged Warbler 4 ? OK, two birds were giving funky songs, the first at the South Pleasant gate area was giving a first note like Blue-winged, and several notes after which were reminiscent of Golden-winged. Visually a Blue-winged with black eye-line on golden yellow head and white wing bars on bluish wings. The second was more buzzy and gave a slightly Blue-winged first note and a series of buzzes, but still not quite totally correct for Golden-winged. This was at gates 8 and 9. Never could see it and it moved away from the road and trails aware!

Ovenbird 48, and this was not a systematic count outing.

Louisiana Waterthrush 1, singing from the stream which runs from Picture Pond to Aaron Brook; heard from parking area at end of road.

Bobolink 2 (1-WE, 1-DWWS)

Eastern Meadowlark (PA)

Orchard Oriole 2 (NONE at WE!, 1-Pembroke, 1-Burrage)


Glenn d'Entremont: <gdentremont1...> Stoughton, MA
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