Date: 5/6/18 5:24 pm
From: Lisa Schibley <lschibley...>
I found a similar WEWA last year. I put it into eBird here:

Not sure if is the same since mine didn't seem to have a faint eyeline, but if not the same bird perhaps sharing genetics. Here are remarks I made to a friend while describing it.

..deviant worm-eating warbler...Interacting with wewa, weak but similar call...Same size and bill shape but paler, no head markings...just plain pale buff all over
same size shape bare parts color..same pretty ochre coloring but a shade paler overall, not a hint of a crown stripe or eye line...completely plain head and face
Same motion and was hanging with two normal wewa. Plus same call...though weaker and shorter...

Definitely something interesting to keep a look out for.

Lisa Schibley

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