Date: 5/6/18 3:51 pm
From: Deapesh Misra via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] UOSA (Fairfax County) - Migrants still present -- also a BBCU
The park still has a lot of ORCHARD ORIOLEs, some WARBLER species (for this park, I will take any warbler in addition to YRWAs) and today I saw my FOS 'for this park' a WARBLING VIREO (WAVI).

BUT...first, for the BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO (BBCU) story , we have to travel back in time to May 3:

May 3, 2018:
I was short on time that day and so had to rush sooner than usual. After I got to the park, I realized that it would have been awesome if I had more time, since the place had a lot of activity ! It was virtually impossible to miss the singing and calling of the Orioles !

Another photographer was present that day. He had great luck with photographing the ORCHARD ORIOLEs who not only allowed him to take their photo using his zoom lens but then also allowed him to take a photo using his cell phone! They were not at all spooked by his presence while they were at a height of about 5-7 feet.

I had better luck with birding than taking photos, since very soon I noticed my FOS YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOOs (YBCU) . Also around the same time I heard my FOS for this park - RED EYED VIREOs. I took a few record shots and went about birding. 

Today afternoon, while preparing my documentation for the WAVI I had seen, I decided it was about time to download photos from the camera and have a look at them. And that is when I discovered that, along with the 2 YBCU that I had seen, I also had photographed a cuckoo with its back towards me and which had red color near its eye. And that caught my attention and a little post-processing later, I believe what i had photographed was the BLACK-BILLED Cuckoo (BBCU). 

The photo can be seen either at the VA-Bird Flickr pool in the eBird list. If you do think that it is not a BBCU, do tell me.

On May 3, I also noticed that the CAPE-MAY WARBLERS (CPWA), who had been silent for the past few days at this location, had started calling out. 

Here is the ebird list for May 3:

( I am happy and sad at the BBCU story. Happy because I was able to document its presence and add it to this place's checklist. Sad because - I dislike finding new "surprise" birds while reviewing my photos. I try to increase my time spent seeing through the binoculars in comparison to the time spent seeing through my camera lens. But it is a constant struggle.)

Coming back to today, it was a fine migrant morning. But he CPWA seem to have all gone! 

If you were at the park today, apart from the usual suspects, you would have heard:
* YELLOW WARBLER  ---- seems like there was an influx last night* BLACKPOLL WARBLER ---- FOS for this park, glad to have them back!* PRARIE WARBLER ---- easily heard from the backside of the pond* YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER* RED-SHOULDERED HAWK ---- they have become pretty vocal in the past few weeks* GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER* RED-EYED VIREO* WARBLING VIREO
Today's eBird list is here:


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