Date: 5/6/18 3:11 pm
From: Joshua Heiser <josheiser01...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Re: Balto - Late Red Necked Grebe?
On Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 5:16:44 PM UTC-4, Art Drauglis wrote:
> A visit to North Point SP in Baltimore did not yield the late Long-tailed duck I was looking for, but a large grebe did turn up.
> It looks like a late RN grebe, but in non-breeding plumage. Since it seems odd that a RNGR would still be in non breeding plumage
> I wonder if it might be a Clark's or Western.
> Notes from eBird report
> "Late. Spotted while scanning water southwest of pier. White on front of neck, white cheeks, and white flanks seemed to me to be indicative of RNGR in non breeding plumage. The bird spent some time preening it's back the way I have observed other confirmed grebes do.
> Though the head looks a bit flat in the distant photos, the length and flexibility of the neck eliminate any of the loons as a possibility.
> The white neck and grayish black back eliminate the expected Canada geese or any other members of the white-cheeked geese family.
> I cannot eliminate the possibility that this may be a Western or Clark's Grebe, but those seem less likely."
> Full report with pictures:
> I welcome your thoughts and feedback.
> Art Drauglis
> W., DC

Why not a horned grebe?

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