Date: 5/6/18 2:34 pm
From: Jim Arterburn <JIMARTERBURN...>
Subject: Re: Common Tern and Caspian Terns

Sandy's note reminded me that I forgot to post a couple photos of a
Bobolink from Wagoner County. They can be seen at the same link listed


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Subject: Re: [OKBIRDS] Common Tern and Caspian Terns

>So you had all the Caspians. Didn't see a single one in the valley
>yesterday. Geez.
>On Sun, May 6, 2018 at 11:44 AM Jim Arterburn <JIMARTERBURN...>
>>Friday, May 4th Ken Williams and I had an adult Common Tern in
>>plumage at Taylor Ferry North on Ft. Gibson Lake. We also had 600-700
>>Caspian Terns there. I have added a photo of about 400 of the Caspian
>>Terns to my website. See the link below to photos of both species. The
>>terns are at the beginning of the gallery.
>>We also had Bobolinks at three different locations. Two locations in
>>Tulsa County and one location in Wagoner County. The total number of
>>Bobolinks were 200-250.
>>Jim Arterburn
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