Date: 5/6/18 11:48 am
From: Dorsey, Kurk <Kurk.Dorsey...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Durham weekend highlights

Between yesterday morning and this morning, I managed to get 102 species in Durham this weekend. There weren't any rarities, with eBird flagging only the 3 Common Terns at Jackson Landing and the number of Ravens (10--Joe Flacco was pouting) at Oyster River Forest.

A few notable locations: Harrier over the Faculty Road neighborhood this morning, a pair of wood ducks acting like mallards in a tiny puddle at Moore Fields, and the continuing Louisiana Waterthrush in the woods behind my house (day 7 of him looking for moving water, I think).

Species highlights were:

Green Heron at Surrey Lane (but no grebes or rails, sadly)

4 Greater Yellowlegs at Jackson Landing

Solitary Sandpiper at the GBH rookery on Durham Point Rd

Sharpies at Oyster River forest and Lamprey River Preserve (TNC on Packers Falls)

Orchard Oriole at Oyster River Forest yesterday

Bobolinks at Moore fields today

Veery and Towhee at Doe Farm today

Marsh Wren at Surrey Lane

More than a dozen, maybe 20, Savannah Sparrows in the fields near the UNH cow barns

Field Sparrow belting it out at Oyster River Forest


Ovenbird, both waterthrushes, Yellow, Yellow-rump, Yellowthroat, B&W, BT Blue, BT Green, Parula, Pine, Magnolia, Prairie, Blue-wing, Redstart, Chestnut-sided

I'm 0 for 4 this week at Surrey Lane for PB Grebe and Virginia Rail, and somehow I missed every mockingbird on campus (although after yesterday's party, perhaps we don't want to hear what they learned to say).

Kurk Dorsey


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