Date: 5/6/18 11:20 am
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] urbanRiparianCorridors,Columbus,5-06:migrants+
With a visiting relative, we stayed close to home and visited parks along
Alum Creek (Innis Park) and Big Walnut Creek (Woodside Green), with the
predictable results of lot of migrants in this first big push of
neotropicals. In an hour at Innis and an hour and a half at Woodside Green
we had

-Flycatchers; Great Cresteds in number (3-4 per park), but also a few

-Vireos - Red-eyed in both parks, with Innis adding a Yellow-throated, and
WG a Blue-headed

-Gnatcatchers,Kinglets - these 'warbler surrogates' continued in good
numbers at both parks

-Sedge Wren - reported by Bob McNulty yesterday, it continues at Woodside
Green, where we found it just north of the footbridge over Big Walnut Creek

-Thrushes - plenty of Swainson's at both parks, along with single Veeries.
WG also had Gray-cheek and Wood Thrushes

-Mimids - loads of Gray Catbirds, but Innis also had a Brown Thrasher

-Waxwings - pairs of Cedar Waxings at many locations

Warblers - 10 species at Innis, 14 at WG, including Parulas, Nashville,
Tennessees (common), Black&Whites, Black-thr.Greens (WG), Golden-winged
(WG), Blackburnian (Innis), Chestnut-sided (abundant), Yellow-rumped
(abundant), Yellow-throated (both), Palms (both), Ovenbird (Innis),
La.Waterthrush (WG), Hooded (both), AmerRedstarts (both), ComYellowthroats

-grosbeaks,Buntings - small #s of Rose-br.grosbeaks at both parks, as well
as 1-2 Indigo Buntings

-sparrows - flocks of White-throated Sparrows, but little else beyond the
expected Chipping & Song Sparrows and a few E.Towhees.
-Orioles - lots of Baltimores (5-6), as well as single Orchards, at each


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