Date: 5/6/18 6:14 am
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Subject: Fwd: Warblers near old quarry glade Lake Leatherwood Park
I welcome comments. This was my reasoning, and I'm not attached to the claim of identification if it is way too rare here:

I looked again at my field notes. I wrote, "zw zw zw zzzzzzzz ascending". Don played the song variations again and that's what I heard. Sibley describes it as a "rather harsh slow rising buzz zheew zheew zheeeeeeeeeee, or zo zo zo zo zheeee." What I heard.
All sound correct to my recollection.

I would be glad to post the above explanation to Arbird if you think that would be a more accurate report. I'm not trying to claim something rare as I didn't even know it was rare. I thought the Black-throated Gray was rare here.
Is there another bird that sounds similar?
I did hear it several times up in the Lake Leatherwood glade and it was quite diffferent than the Black-throated Green who has that zoo business going on in between the zheees.

When Don and I heard this before at Leatherwood during an IMBC we did not see the bird so did not include it in our report. This time I did not see the bird either. So this is not a verified sighting. Just a hearing.

I have no problem clarifying this on Arbird if that would be the best.


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> Are you certain about Black-throated Blue? A great great rarity here!
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> Subject: Warblers near old quarry glade Lake Leatherwood Park
> I was listening for warblers on the way to the old quarry and glade habitat that is home to the Collared Lizards we'd come to see. Casey Brewster, PHD candidate, Department of Biology at U of A, is studying these beautiful reptiles.
> Herbalist Steven Foster and ANHC botanist Brent Baker also discussed native and invasive plants as they pertain to this proposed glade restoration project at at Lake Leatherwood City Park.
> Casey captured one yearling female Collared Lizard [Crotaphytus collaris] and collected data prior to releasing her back to sun herself on the warm dolomite boulders.
> Meanwhile…I heard Yellow-throated Warblers, Black and White Warblers, an Ovenbird, and the most exciting warblers in Ashe Junipers surrounding the glade were two male Prairie Warblers countersinging, plus a Black-throated Green, and a Black-throated Blue Warbler in adjoining woods.
> Judith
> Ninestone, Carroll County

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