Date: 5/6/18 3:10 am
From: Carol Del-Colle <wvnaturalist...>
Subject: Cape May Warbler, Red-eyed Vireo(FOY)- Yard-Summit Point
Yesterday morning, I observed a male Cape May Warbler moving about in the treeline near the pond. It was just striking in its bright spring plumage. Having looked back in my records, I found that all the other sightings of this species in the yard, have been during fall migration in either September or October. What a wonderful treat to see one here in May. I also heard and saw my first of the year Red-eyed Vireo in and around the yard beginning yesterday morning. Nice to have one back. The Great-crested Flycatcher returned giving me some good looks after I tracked him down following his call.

Happy birding,

Carol Del-Colle

Summit Point

Jefferson County
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