Date: 5/5/18 10:12 pm
From: Eric Ollie <uphawkeye...>
Subject: [ia-bird] Global Big Day?

I had no idea that today was the Global Big Day, but since spring migration
is really beginning to heat up and I happen to be in the midst of my Story
County Big Year (SCBY) I was out birding all day today anyway. I eBird most
of what I find as well, so I guess that I unwittingly participated.

I found 95 species today, all in Story County (obviously). I had 10 Story
County FOYs today, bringing my SCBY total to 179 species. My original goal
was 200 species, but with almost 8 months to get only 21 species, it seems
as if some reevaluation is in order.

Today I found 10 warblers, 10 shorebirds, 8 sparrows, 7 waterfowl, 6
woodpeckers, 5 icterids, and 4 thrushes.

New additions to my SCBY list today were American Redstart, Louisiana
Waterthrush, Eastern Kingbird, Stilt Sandpiper, Sandhill Crane, Snowy
Egret, Black-and-White Warbler, Lark Sparrow, Cliff Swallow, and I heard my
first ever Tufted Titmouse in Story County this morning.

Some glaring misses today were Rock Pigeon, Great Blue Heron, Least
Sandpiper, Baltimore Oriole, Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Western
Meadowlark, Least Flycatcher, White-crowned Sparrow and Carolina Wren. If I
had known that I was participating in a big day, I think 100 would have
been very attainable!

Get out and savor spring migration! It will pass before we know it!

Eric Ollie

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