Date: 5/5/18 8:40 pm
From: Josh Engel <jengel5230...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Fantastic Evanston Spring Count today
I spent the day with Amanda Zeigler covering parts of Evanston and Wilmette for the statewide Spring Bird Count today, May 5. It was an exciting day of birding, with good numbers of migrants including many uncommon ones. We finished with 110 species.
A short summary with photos is on Facebook here:
We started the day with a sunrise lakewatch at the Northwestern University campus at the south end of the lakefill. It took a little while to get going, but we ended up with a nice migration. In addition to many southbound blackbirds and robins were a Lark Sparrow, three Red-headed and one Red-bellied Woodpeckers, 16 Great Egrets, 24 Great Blue Herons, and a Common Loon. One each of Eastern Red Bat and Silver-haired Bat also flew in off the lake. The biggest highlight was when a Yellow-throated Warbler briefly joined the Palm and Yellow-rumpeds, sticking around just long enough for me to get a photo, before flying off to the southwest.
We then spent several hours working the campus, some of the time with Matthew Cvetas, who got us on a Grasshopper Sparrow and spotted a female Summer Tanager while we were with him. It would be one of three Summer Tanagers on the day. We also found White-eyed Vireo, a very cooperative LeConte's Sparrow, and Amanda's bird-of-the-day, a male Scarlet Tanager. 
We took a break for lunch at my parents' house east of the Northwestern football stadium and walked around the neighborhood after. The day's second Summer Tanager was in McCulloch Park and, even better, when we returned to their house a male Prairie Warbler was singing in the front yard. Both birds would stick around long enough for Ben Sanders to get them for his Cook County Big Year.
After a stop at Perkins Woods, we finished the day's birding at Gillson Park in Wilmette, where we were joined by John Bates. Like everywhere else we went, there were loads of Palm and Yellow-rumped Warblers. We also found Blue-winged and Golden-winged Warblers and yet another Summer Tanager, a stunning immature male. 
What a day! 
Josh EngelChicago
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