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Hi all,
Yesterday I had the pleasure of birding for work. I went and visited a couple preserves to see what birds were present. On the Metolius I found a family of dippers with a manic parent feeding two incessantly begging chicks. They were indifferent to me or distracted by food, so I was able to get relatively close and snap a few really fun photographs. 
The adult was hunting (fishing?) for big, juicy caddisfly larva, smashing open their cases on a log - with considerable effort! One photo seems to catch the strength it required, the adult caught in mid-smash with its nictitating membrane closed. A real treat to watch this hard-working ouzel keeps its needy young full.
Here's the checklist with the photos:
Also, I have a group of evening grosbeaks at my feeders. The get along with the flowering tree pretty nicely:
Good birding,Matt CahillBend
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