Date: 5/5/18 8:15 pm
From: Mary Peterson <m_mpeterson...>
Subject: Southwest Oklahoma 5-3 to 5-5-2018
Hello All,

Mary and I went to southwestern Oklahoma the past few days. It was windy on Thursday, but not too bad on Friday and Saturday. We stopped at Lake Yahola and Oxley North Woods in Tulsa on the way down. We also went through the Wichita Mountains, out to Hackberry Flat 3 times and south of Eldorado on Friday. Southwestern Oklahoma got some much needed rain. Highlights included:

Cinnamon Teal-1 at Hackberry Flat

White-fronted Goose-1 at Hackberry Flat

Common Loon-1 at Lake Yahola

American Bittern-1 at Hackberry Flat

Glossy Ibis-1 at Hackberry Flat

Black-bellied Plover-3 at Hackberry Flat

American Golden Plover-1 in Breeding Plumage and 30+ in varying plumages at Hackberry Flat

Snowy Plover-4-5 at Hackberry Flat

Semipalmated Plover-1 at Hackberry Flat

Killdeer-Many at Hackberry Flat

Black-necked Stilt-Many at Hackberry Flat

American Avocet-Many at Hackberry Flat

Greater Yellowlegs- Several at Hackberry Flat

Lesser Yellowlegs-20+ at Hackberry Flat

Solitary Sandpiper-2 at Hackberry Flat

Willet-1 at Hackberry Flat

Spotted Sandpiper-10+ at Hackberry Flat

Upland Sandpiper-3-4 at Hackberry Flat

Whimbrel-1 at Hackberry Flat

Hudsonian Godwit-3 at Hackberry Flat

Ruddy Turnstone-1 at Lake Yahola about 100 feet north of the monument on Thursday

Semipalmated Sandpiper-Several at Hackberry Flat

Least Sandpiper-20+ at Hackberry Flat

White-rumped Sandpiper-2 at Lake Yahola on Saturday

Stilt Sandpiper=3 at Hackberry Flat

Long-billed Dowitcher-Many at Hackberry Flat

Wilson's Phalarope-Many hundreds at Hackberry Flat

Burrowing Owl-1 at a small prairie dog town just west of the large one north of Elk Mountain in the Wichita Mountains

Black-capped Vireo-3 on Mt. Scott in the Wichita Mountains

Cave Swallow-1 colony about a mile north of Manitou and another colony about 7 miles west of Elmer

Black-crested Titmouse-6 south of Eldorado

Veery-1 at Oxley North Woods on Thursday

Golden-winged Warbler-1 at Oxley North Woods on Thursday

Black-throated Green Warbler-1 at Oxley North Woods on Thursday

Northern Waterthrush-1 at Oxley North Woods on Thursday

Cassin's Sparrow-4 between Elmer and Eldorado

Clay-colored Sparrow-30+ West of Frederick, including over 20 at the Tipton Cemetery

Black-headed Grosbeak-1 south of Eldorado at the far corner where the road turns west

Bullock's Oriole-1 at Hackberry Flat and 1 south of Eldorado

Mark Peterson


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