Date: 5/5/18 7:29 pm
From: Steve Mullen <gungagalunga23...>
Subject: [wisb] Madison to Oshkosh Birding Today- Long
Hello, We spent sun up to sun down birding from Oshkosh to Madison and back
today with very few highlights to offer.
We tried for the Ibis at the Education Center just outside Horicon on Hwy
28 in Dodge Co. & whiffed. Got 2 Black Necked Stilts tho. Did not drive Hwy
Tried Nine Springs next south of the beltline (South Towne exit) and the
Willets were gone. The water was of course high and the shorebird mudflats
were hard to find. We managed a few Warblers including Black & White and
Magnolia there.
After a stop at Fabroni's for Italian samiches we hit Pheasant Branch in
Middleton (also Dane Co.)
We had a flyover Swainson's Hawk while waiting to hook a left on Century
Ave. from Co. Rd Q just before P.B.
Pheasant Branch at 10 a.m. was choked with people. Still not much tree
foliage, which made I.D.'s a bit easier. Whiffed on the Carolina Wrens, but
we did see an adult Great Horned Owl with a nearly full-sized juvenile
between the 2nd & 3rd bridges south of Century.
We got 9 Warbler species and N. Waterthrush there.
After P.B. we wound thru Waunakee to Ashton K- Nothing...Schumacher at Cuba
Valley-Nothing, and around to the V Ponds between Schumaker & Patton Rds.
Highlight was two Common Moorhens (Gallinules) more near Patton on south
side of Co. Rd. V.
Wibu/DM had a Pintail & two Am. Wigeon and a few peeps.
DM/I had a Trump Swan.
We found one Euro Collared Dove a block south of Hwy 60 in Arlington
(Columbia Co.) just west of the RR tracks.
Goose Pond was very slow, very few duck species.
We walked all three entrances on the the south and west sides to Schoenberg
Marsh looking for the Red Necked Grebes and whiffed. Yellow Headed Black
Birds the highlight there.
Harvey/60 was dead.
We got 4 Lark Sparrows at the Brian & Becky Doverspike spot north of Hwy 16
on Dunning Rd?
South of Portage, west of Wyocena in Columbia Co.. Not shy at all today.
Also got our only Bluebird of the day there, as well as Field Sparrows.
Park Lake in Pardeeville had too many boats on it to hold waterfowl. We
only saw 2 Pelicans there.
We tried for Orchard Orioles at Grand River Marsh on Co. Rd. B south of
Marquette in Marquette Co. but the trees weren't budded out yet and we
Kingston Millpond- nothing.
The west edge of Big Green Lake on Co. Rd. K in Green Lake Co. was stuffed
with boats and fishermen also and we whiffed on targeted Loons and Grebes.
Next we made our way thru White River Marsh north of Princeton. No
highlights but I was happy the road was not washed out and the human
traffic was minimal.
The entire Rustic Road thru W.R.M. is being logged off, starting at the
southwest corner. I imagine the birds will really be shocked by the end of
that project. No Blue Winged Warbler or White Eyed Vireo there today. No
Henslow's yet.
Highlight was two Wilson's Snipe on the north edge when we got back on
blacktop towards D.
D did not have Boblolinks yet.
We about ran out of daylight by the time we hit Berlin, with nothing new
Lot's of Lincoln Sparrow's today. Lot's of Sora's. Good numbers of Magnolia
and Black & White Warblers also.
We sure missed a ton of "easy" gets today, like King Fisher and Herring
I believe we tallied about 115 birds only on the day.
Good Luck tomorrow, Steve Mullen, Oshkosh

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