Date: 5/5/18 7:18 pm
From: Michelle Kienholz <00000073dc7a3e93-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Brewster's Warbler - Beechwood Farms (Allegheny Co)
After a great 3 Rivers Birding Club outing at Harrison Hills, I decided to stop at Beechwood to pick up some native plants but first went out on the trails to see what warblers were there ... lots of Nashville plus some Tennessee, Black-Throated Green, Magnolia, Ovenbird, Hooded, Yellow-Rumped ... and what I thought, at first quick glance, was a Golden-Winged Warbler (bright gold cap, gray wings), but at my next brief look, I could see the black eye line (thin, like blue-winged), no black on throat or anywhere else on body, white body (did not ever get a good look at entire body, but everything looked white that I could see, though never in direct sunlight) & white wing bars (did not see any gold).

After I had lost him in the dense brush, he started singing: a relatively short, 2-note blue-winged bee-buzz, sometimes with an extra raspberry sound at the end (best way I can describe it). I did not see any Blue-Winged warblers but again saw the hybrid moving around via series quick glimpses on or in the thickets over a wide area. After a burst of activity flitting, foraging, & chipping, he went quiet, and I needed to get back in time to get the plants I came for.

This was near/on the Meadowview trail from above the Pump House up to the edge of the private property bordering Beechwood (I could see a groomed lawn/orchard area beyond the forest edge). There are scattered trees with dense understory - I am afraid I cannot name the plants involved (some trees flowering, but only Nashvilles in those, not the hybrid). There is a deer trail going up toward the private property, with the bird mainly on the left side (when looking up toward the private property). The time was between 3:30-4:10 pm.
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