Date: 5/5/18 6:55 pm
From: Mary Jimenez <mary.jimenez509...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] squirrels and bird houses
I hope these questions aren't too annoying. but I had some red-bellied
woodpecker nesters in a partially dead pecan tree, but today I discovered a
squirrel nesting at the very top of the cut off tree. (someone before I
moved in cut off most of the top branches probably a home threat, it's
very close to the house) any who, I haven't seen my woodpeckers or heard
them in a day.. So I'm now looking at bird house options for the
woodpeckers and possibly blue birds, wrens , etc. ..before I spend a lot of
useless money, can someone inform me some best buys? I live in northwest
Louisiana near a golf course and I can garden to accommodate birds. or just
send a link to an article or past reference. thanks.

and... I was a reporter and reported on birds and what Jay said was true
about editors. You'll write a story and they chop off inches and make it
sound ridiculous!. when i wrote about subjects that i found were over my
head i usually let my experts pre read, even though the norm for reporters
is, no pre-reads. I also found that a ridiculous norm.

mary jimenez
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