Date: 5/5/18 6:30 pm
From: Bryan Henson via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] Birdathon - 'Gone Pishing' report (Loudoun)
Our team of three spent the afternoon of Friday May 5th through this
afternoon (hoping to void incoming rain) participating in the Loudoun
Wildlife Conservancy birdathon. While the goal is to raise money for
Loudoun Wildlife, an active conservancy organization that we strongly
support (you can donate at if so moved),
a lot of birding is involved.

We ended up with a little over 100 species for the 24 hour period. Only
birds seen from within Loudoun county were counted.

*Highlights included:*
Bay-breasted Warbler at Algonkian Park
A lone Rusty Blackbird was seen/heard at Algonkian Park
A flock of Bobolinks heard and spotted at Bles Park
Beautiful Cape May Warblers at Morven Park
FOS Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Algonkian Park
Yellow Warblers (several locations)
Orioles, vireos and grasshopper sparrows were back in force and singing
strongly at multiple locations

Waterfowl were scare and shorebirds were limited (high water levels?) to
Solitary and Spotted Sandpipers.
We had several misses: Great Horned Owl, Broad-winged Hawk, grosbeaks and
many missed warblers (too many to list!).

We wrapped up a little before the rain started and headed to a well timed
lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.

All the (23!) checklists are in eBird.

Happy Cinco de Mayo,
Bryan Henson
Sterling, VA

*Non-avian sightings:*
Butterflies: Black Swallowtail, Pearl Crescent, American Lady, Tiger
Swallowtail, sulphurs
Common Green Darner, Fragile Forktail, probable Carolina Saddlebags
Eastern Painted Turtle baby - maybe about an 1 to 1.5 inches long - very
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