Date: 5/5/18 11:21 am
From: Rusty Scalf <rscalf...> [Mendobirds] <Mendobirds-noreply...>
Subject: [Mendobirds] Yellow-breasted Chat near Willits
I spent this morning at an eBird hot spot in the Brooktrails Township
above Willits; the Par Course/Nutmeg Trail. Quite something. So much
birdsong that I had a difficult time parsing things out. Four warbler
species: Orange-crown, Wilson's, MacGillivary's & Black-throated Gray.
But most surprising was a very noisy Yellow-breasted Chat. The Chat was
first detected at the beginned of the walk ~100 feet beyond the baseball
field and before the first wooden bridge. The bird sang it's bewildering
array of whistles, chortles, rattles. We heard it again when finishing
the loop. I wonder if it's a migrant or resident.

The 2nd MacGillivary's had an aberrant song. Luckily I actually saw the

Rusty Scalf
Berkeley, CA
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