Date: 5/5/18 3:59 am
From: Jeff Hansen <>
Subject: Topeka yard birds
Yesterday I had a red headed woodpecker which is a new yard bird. He was
briefly at the top of my elm tree. Heard him throughout the day. In the
past 2 days I've added orchard Orioles and red eyed vireo. Still seeing
warblers a plenty. Mr. Redstart has been here for 3 days almost always
feeding in the choke cherry. Seen so many good looks but no pictures.

Trying putting Hummer feeder on a table for woodpeckers as Dallas Alexander
has a red belly drinking nectar. Thought I see what I can attract. Probably

Bluebirds finally at nest boxes. Seems late. Haven't seen a house sparrow
all week. Trapping success. I'm sure neighborhood purple martins will
appreciate that. Two neighbors down the street have a nice colony.

Yesterday watched bluejays gathering nesting material. House wrens stuffing
twigs in boxes. At old Payless pond great tailed grackles gathering nesting

Jeff Hansen

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