Date: 5/4/18 8:10 pm
From: Charles Patterson <chaspatt...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Daniel Webster
I think we may have seen the Bobolinks arrive today.  When we passed the
fields on the way to Fox Hill there were none but on the way back there
were a flock of females and at least 6 males. Of course they could have
been in hiding on the way in though the grass is still pretty short.

Yellow warblers along the river along with a flock of very active Yellow
Rumps.  Song Sparrows all over.  To the east of the meadow section of
the boardwalk there was a flock of Greater Yellow Legs with a few
Lessers among them as well as a small group of Semi Palmies.  Guess the
pan was too high for them.  Saw one large flycatcher at extreme range
(no scope:().  Probably an Eastern Kingbird.  Tree and Barn swallows all
over.  No Martins yet.

One Turkey Vulture.  Northern Harrier east of Fox Hill flying
uncharacteristically high.  Ospreys present, one in nest and one in the

Had a flyover of a Green Heron but no other waders.

Large group of Turkeys south of Fox Hill displaying like crazy. There
was even one displaying under the bird feeder to two unimpressed hens.

Need I mention the geese?:)

Charlie Patterson


Norwell, Ma

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