Date: 5/4/18 7:46 pm
From: Peter Fissel <peter.fissel...>
Subject: [wisb] 29 Willets at Nine Springs tonight
The highlight of the MAS trip to Nine Springs this evening was a flock of 29 Willets on the third pond. They were probably standing on the south mudbar, but with all the rain, that is submerged, so you really couldn't see their legs. Unfortunately, we think they may have taken off after sunset, as Charles Naeseth and I both heard them calling a lot when our group got back to the parking lot.

Other highlights were a flyover flock of 11 Great Egrets, another of 22 Caspian Terns, and cooperative Soras wandering around on the edges of the dead cattails on the second pond. Marsh Wrens were back and singing, and Charles heard a Sedge Wren south of the main ditch. Not a ton of warblers except for Yellows and Myrtles, but we did see a Northern Waterthrush and Black & White along the main ditch, and had a female Wilson's on the way back in (amazingly, the first Wilson's I've seen in three years.) The remnants of the group hung around the parking lot until dark, but we only heard one distant Am. Woodcock displaying. It probably took off from the east side of the big hill at the curve. There's a large mowed area on the west side of Lake Farm Rd., across from the Lussier Center.

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight, and especially to Chris West and Charles for finding a lot of our birds.

Peter Fissel

Madison, Dane Co.

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