Date: 5/4/18 5:18 pm
From: Terry Bronson <tbronsonbirds...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Washington County--Veto Lake--67 species including Philadelphia Vireo, 14 warblers, 4 shorebirds
I recently moved to Vienna, WV, but may move to Marietta, OH in the next
few months. I expect to be submitting several eBird checklists for OH each
week. I've been eBirding for almost 15 years, did 6 years of bird surveys
for the forthcoming WV Breeding Bird Atlas, and am a former eBird reviewer
for WV.

I spent over 5 hours at Veto Lake Wildlife Area this morning.

Highlights included 5 or 6 tiny Wood Duck ducklings, 4 shorebirds
(Killdeer, Solitary Sandpiper, Spotted Sandpiper, Greater Yellowlegs),
Broad-winged Hawk, Great Crested Flycatcher, Philadelphia and 4 other
vireos, Swainson's Thrush, and 14 warblers including Black-throated Blue
and Northern Waterthrush.

Complete checklist at:

Terry Bronson
Vienna, WV


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