Date: 5/4/18 2:25 pm
From: Carol Del-Colle <wvnaturalist...>
Subject: Am. Redstart, Nashville Warbler, Warbling Vireo, Great-crested Flycatcher, Baltimore Oriole ( All FOY)- Yard- Summit Point
Yesterday and today have been exciting around the yard, with many of the recent migrants and regulars plus five first-of-year birds gracing the yard. To start off my morning yesterday as I was having coffee on the patio, a beautiful male Baltimore Oriole flew in for a pop in visit in a nearby tree. He didn't stay long, just a "hi-goodbye" moment or two, but enough for me to get my first look for the season at this lovely bird. The sun made the orange on him glow, and I was very happy to have my day begin this way. About ten minutes later, I was treated to the run on song of the Warbling Vireo. I also got some good looks at it. Although this enthusiastic songster isn't as colorful as my first new visitor of the day, he was definitely welcome. For in addition to enjoying his song, I was thrilled because he represented a new species to the yard. I had not observed a Warbling Vireo here before, which made his visit all the more exciting. The appearance of a new yard bird is always a red letter day.

The morning was still young, and yet, I was to be presented with another, feathered gift. A perky little male American Redstart flew to the stream where it flitted around on the rocks trying to find just the right place to splash around. Having found a satisfactory spot, it cleaned up a bit, and then took off into the side woods to preen before leaving for parts unknown to me. All I know, is it treated me to some delightful and colorful moments as it fanned its tail and spritely moved about adding to my already lovely morning, and it wasn't even 8:30 yet.

Today, I had two more first of the year birds come by. The first was a male Nashville Warbler moving about in the treeline near the pond. I got some good looks through the binoculars even as he weaved in and out among the leaves. Although, I have recorded this species in the yard four other times over the years, it has always been during fall migration. This is my first sighting of this species during spring migration. Not long after I saw the Nashville, a Great-crested Flycatcher flew in to the top of a tall tree near the patio. It too, like the Oriole of yesterday, did not stay long, but it was welcomed for its brief appearance all the same.

Such an exciting and fun time of year.


Happy birding,

Carol Del-Colle

Summit Point

Jefferson County

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