Date: 5/4/18 12:56 pm
From: Bob and Elaine McNulty <bob.mcn...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Golden winged warbler - Woodside Green
Woodside green Park in Gahanna
Golden winged warbler - (2:55 pm) Nob hill branch of trail, singing monotone 3 note buzz.
Blue winged warbler
common yellowthroat
Lincoln's sparrow

Blendon Woods Metro Park
Common yellowthroat (heard)
Blackburnian warblers
Blue winged warbler
Pine warbler, male
Chestnut sided warblers
Yellow rumped warblers
Blackpoll warbler
Palm warblers
Black throated blue warblers
Cerulean warbler
Magnolia warblers
Bay breasted warbler
Northern parula
Black throated green warbler
Black and white warblers male and female
Yellow warbler (heard)
American redstarts
Hooded warbler
Yellow throated warbler (heard)

Gray cheeked thrushes
Wood thrush
Swainson's thrushes
Rose breasted grosbeak
Ruby crowned kinglets
Empy flycatcher

Bob and Elaine McNulty


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