Date: 5/4/18 10:11 am
From: Geoff Malosh <pomarine...>
Subject: Re: 5/4 Pittsburgh migrants!
Sewickley Park in Allegheny Co. was loaded with birds today as well. Started birding before dawn and came away with 62 species and 19 warblers despite missing yellow, yellowthroat, and yellow-throated.

Good birding,

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</div>Hi all,
I birded Frick Park this morning, walking from the Environmental Center
around Riverview Hill to the slag heaps, and back up the other side of
Riverview Hill toward the center. The previously reported Blue Grosbeak, as
expected, was not present, but there was exceptional warbler activity
throughout the park. I counted 19 species of warblers, with the following
1 Blue-winged Warbler, along the Nine Mile Run trail just south of the
I-376 bridge
A Blackburnian Warbler and a Cerulean Warbler at the junction of the
Firelane and Riverview trails
Two singing Bay-breasted Warblers on the Lower Riverview Trail
A Black-throated Blue Warbler on the trail from Falls Ravine up toward
Riverview Hill
A Yellow-throated Vireo at the Frick Environmental Center

I totaled 63 species in 4 hours at Frick Park.

On my way home from the bus stop, walking by the hedge at CMU's Doherty
Apartments I noticed some movement inside. There was a Northern Waterthrush
and a Wood Thrush. A good way to cap off a good morning of birding.

Good birding,
Sameer Apte
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