Date: 5/4/18 9:02 am
From: Antonio, Robert J. <anto...>
Subject: Burcham: Thursday Morning
Had a great time birding for a couple of hours with Doc Christopher Rogers of the Fitch on the north side of Burcham.

Cape May - 1FOS We heard it first in a tree on along north stream - Christopher found it and got great looks before it flew across river. I believe I heard this bird this week in the same area
Magnolia - 3FOS Christopher saw three - I heard one of them & could not find them despite his good directions
American Redstart - 5 - one singer (4M/1F)
Ovenbird- 1 singing in woods south of Boathouse
Wilson's - 3 1 sang
Black & White - 3 singers (one was singing near the Cape May was helpful contrast)
Orange-crowned - 5 some song
Blackpoll - 3 singing
Nashville - 2 singing (seems small number)
Tennessee - 1 (small number for this time)
Northern Waterthrush - 1 Christopher heard it
Yellow ~ 30 many singers - more females today
Yellow-rumped 60 guestimate probably low - surprised still quite of bit of song
Northern Parula - 3 singers & 1F - she flew in nearly an arms-length away and worked in high grass near south bridge. Really beautiful in the morning sunlight and so close

Yellow-throated Vireo - 3 singing
Blue-headed Vireo - 1 singing
Red-eyed Vireo - 7 singing (I didn't hear any yesterday)
Philadelphia Vireo - 1 singing
Warbling Vireo - 10+ singing & sco0ding

Franklins Gulls 150 - small group at aound 7AM & larger group at 9:00 (both seemed to be heading north rather than across river to the fields)
Spotted Sandpiper - 3 calling on wing
Wood Duck 3
Blue-winged teal - 3
Great-crested Flycatcher - 5
Pileated WP- 1
Least Flycatcher - 1
Swainson's Thrush - 7 some song & lots of whit notes
Gray-cheeked Thrush - 1FOS singing in woods east of north bridge - Christopher observed it as well

Was really active on north-side, Wish I could have stayed out longer.

Bob Antonio

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