Date: 5/4/18 7:48 am
From: JAMES SPEICHER <jugornought...>
Subject: [MDBirding] [FR] Help w/ Bird ID please...LIKE NOTHING I'VE EVER SEEN...PICS
My notes were made before I downloaded the pics so some observations
are belied by the pics, tho in some cases the pics aren't as true as
the notes. I've made mods to those notes that needed it on review of

Mocker sized
Tail - two-tone top [b/w], dark under and rounded - doesn't show in
pics where feathers were ruffled, but was clear while viewing
Eye dark in field of white
Wings appeared yellow/orange on edge when folded
Throat white
Breast darkish/gray
Feet light
Bill light/mottled
Back above tail - grayish forming a dark window in a sea of white -
but I observe that this dark patch is a part of the folded wing in the
White upper around neck area is mottled w/gray

Will try for better pics, but maybe someone knows what it is. My
first thought was a weird mocker, but not with a dark eye...a weird
Catbird...size might be too big...???

Jim Speicher
BroadRun/Burkittsville area
[FR] Frederick County MD
M.O.S. member, Washington [WA] Co Chapter

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