Date: 5/4/18 5:26 am
From: Jonathan Schuler <jkschuler...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Best. Bird. Day. Ever.
Long-time listener, first-time caller...

I'm prompted to write this because of another birder's thrush sighting the
other day in her backyard. She had made her yard more inviting to birds and
the fruits of her labor had finally paid off. She was excited; as well she
should be!

I am in the same, great boat!

Yesterday, after three years of minor (and to be honest, some major)
improvements to our regular old suburban-size backyard, I had what I
consider the best birding day of my life.

The intensity of this year's spring migration surely helped, but I had
three Nashville warblers, two Baltimore orioles, three rose-breasted
grosbeaks, a white-crowned sparrow and two unidentified blue/gray
sparrow-size birds (just caught the blue on them before they took off --
hopefully they're back today).

These are all birds I've seen numerous times before — but *never* in my own

When we moved in a couple years ago, my goal was to turn our backyard into
something more than just a boring host for the typical menagerie of house
sparrows, house finches, mourning doves and robins.

Yesterday, I spent the day looking out our windows catching glimpses of
orange and red and blue and yellow, and it made me appreciate -- perhaps
more than ever before -- the positive impact us flawed and silly human
beings can have on the environment.

To the woman who saw that thrush in her backyard: That common little fellow
might be your Bird of the Year. And rightfully so. Yesterday certainly goes
down in my book as one of those moments, too.

Jon from Kane County, St. Charles

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